Writing a better future

Together we can help children in Zambia to support their education.

 There is a big shortage of writing materials in Zambia. Basic items like pens, pencils and notebooks are essential for education. In developed countries we take these for granted, since they are widely available. 

For the children in Zambia, writing materials are scarce and considered a “luxury item”. In some cases, a single pen is shared with four students…!

With Basic Write, we are collecting pens and notebooks for the Linda Community School in Livingstone, Zambia. 

Together we can make a difference!

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Basic Write Mission & Goals for 2020

Together we can have a great impact, but it is important to stay focussed on the mission. With the Basic Write team we have set some clear goals for this year.

Can you help us to reach these goals?

The mission of Basic Write is to give all the children in Zambia access to a pen and paper in 2025.

Everyone that believes in this mission can contribute. As simple as following us on Instagram, telling others about the project or by donating writing materials. We love your support. 🙂

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Where can I donate my writing materials?

Collection points

We want to make it as easy as possible to donate your writing materials. Let us know where you would like to donate pens or notebooks. We will connect you to our Basic Write Collectors. You can also drop it at our Public Collection Points.

CiC Rotterdam

The first Public Collection Point is located in the iconic “Groot Handelsgebouw“, next to the train station. You can find the collection box on the fourth floor, at the front desk of our partner CiC Rotterdam. Don’t forget to ask them about the great workplaces they offer.

Dok Delft Library

The second Public Collection Point is located next to the entrance of the Dok Delft Library.  Enjoy the chill vibes and go for a coffee at Open Delft.

Open Delft
Basic Write Collectors

Are the Public Collection Points too far for you? No worries, you can drop your writing materials at any of our Basic Write Collectors. We are covering a wide area in The Netherlands and Belgium, through the following cities:
– Amsterdam
– Rotterdam
– Den Haag
– Delft
– Leiden
– Utrecht
– Den Helder
– Haarlem
– Zwolle
– Nijmegen
– Walem

Shoot us a message to make an appointment.

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Basic Write Team

Things are moving fast. This motivated team is the base for a brand new NGO. We enjoy working together, to reach the goals and make a difference for children in Zambia. The best part: everybody is volunteering! We believe that money is not the only thing that makes the world go round. The donations should end up in Zambia, not in the our pockets. Helping out is what we do and what makes us happy. Do you want to join the work force and make things go even faster?  Become a Basic Write Ambassador today!

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Iori van den Doel

Founder & CEO

Paz Andrea Muñoz Escobedo

The inspiration and co-founder of Basic Write

Cindy van der Starre

Board member
Working @ KraGd

Kragd Notarissen

Karver Murphy

Team member
Collecting in Flagstaff, Arizona

Sandra Kaandorp

Working @ Kentalis

Jordi Roër

Working @ Lizard Global

Lizard global

Linda Community School

Check it out

Mulemi Community School


Future projects


Basic Write NGO information

You can download the full policy plan here: 

Download policy plan

Basic Write is a non-profit foundation (a ‘Stichting’ under Dutch law) with the goal to support the education of children in Zambia.

In order to be able to achieve this goal, Basic Write partners with local companies, nonprofits and community initiatives to donate and distribute writing materials in Zambia. This is done in the region of Livingstone with the goal of expanding to other communities and countries in the future.  

Basic Write raises funds through gifts, donations, philanthropy and subsidies. Basic Write is striving to get the highest conversion rate as possible. A conversion rate can be calculated by the donated money, devided by the amount that is spent in Zambia on the purpose where the donation has been collected for. It is in the mission to pay as little as possible for additional costs like shipping or bank costs. By working together with partners, these costs might be covered completely or discounted. Other costs can be covered by selling merchandise with Basic Write branding. As stated in the Policy Plan, Basic Write does not aim to make a profit and has applied to be a ‘public benefit organisation’ (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). The proceeds resulting from activities are used solely to accomplish the statutory goals.

The board members of Basic Write are volunteering to manage and grow the organisation to its meet and exceed its goals. There is no paymant to any of the Basic Write team members or Ambassadors

The main responsibility of the board is governing Basic Write, amongst others by making sure an up-to-date policy plan is in place and guarding the expenses.

Basic Write Details

Stichting Basic Write is a nonprofit organisation with ANBI status. 

Chamber of Commerce / Kamer van Koophandel: 77003365

RSIN: 860869313

 Download the financial overview here:

Financial overview 2020

Values and Focus points


We are showing every cent that is spend so you can follow exactly where the money is going. Transparency is the key.

High Conversion Rate

If you donate 20 euros for writing materials, we will strive to spend 20 euros in Zambia on pens and notebooks. If the conversion rate will be lower than 100%, we will show it.


We start small with a clear goal. Pens and notebooks for just two schools in Livingstone, Zambia. Once these schools have received enough writing materials and support, we will expand to other schools. 

Collecting Materials

Pens and notebooks from companies that have changed their logo with old branding is often seen as “trash”. We collect it and send it to Zambia where it has high value. 


The Basic Write team regularly visits Zambia to meet the teachers, parents and children. By talking with different stakeholders, we try to understand the local situation.

Volunteers Only

Basic Write team members or Ambassadors are not being paid. As it should be in non-profit organisations.

Data Driven

We count every pencil/pen/sharpener/eraser/notebook that is donated. We know exactly how many pens are used by pupils on average. With this knowledge we can better estimate the expansion for the future. It also helps to tackle possible scams.


The plastic pens we bring to Zambia are also locally collected. In this way, the empty pens are not ending up in the waste stream. The empty pens will be recycled into plastic bricks which can be sold locally.

Local Economy

The writing and educational materials are locally bought in Zambia. We also provide all the children with a hand-made pencil case. The fabric is bought locally, and sewn by the local tailor. In this way we try to stimulate the local economy.

Easy to participate

Everyone can contribute and help in reaching the goal. No matter your daily budget, you can help by following us on Instagram or tell other people about the project. Every little effort, like the donation of a single pen, adds to making a change. We appreciate all the help we get!


We are showing every cent that is spend so you can follow exactly where the money is going. Transparency is the key.


Choose your favorite purpose for your donation.  As we have the ANBI status, donations are deductable. Please transfer money to the following bank account:  NL58 TRIO 0788 8954 35  with your desired purpose in the comments.

Writing Materials

Education starts with a paper and a pen. The focus for Basic Writeis to give all the children in Zambia access for these essential tools. Education is the key in solving many problems.

Donate here for Writing Materials

Free Education

For 1 euro a month, a child can go to school in Zambia. Many parents are not able to afford even this small amount. We can help them by donating here. Together we stimulate free education.

Donate here for Free Education

Basic Write Organisation

You can also choose to support the Basic Write organisation. This includes additional costs like: transport, bank and administration costs. 

Donate here for Basic Write

Partners of Basic Write

We believe that working together with partners is key in reaching our goals. We would like to thank each of these great companies for the support and trust. Together we are making a difference!